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Staying creative during quarantine

How things have changed

As COVID-19 disrupts everyday life we are left to adjust and pick up the pieces. What used to be “errands” are now something out of a dystopian novel. It’s even more difficult to follow the news now than it was before quarantine. But never before has it been so advantageous to be an introvert. No more fumbling for an excuse to cancel plans or justifying my choice to stay home all-weekend--I have quarantine to thank for that! 

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The term work-life balance took on a whole new meaning this year when COVID-19 hit. For some; it means working from home by yourself with only your dog to talk to. For others; it means homeschooling three kids and working full-time while your husband is on the front-lines. And for others, it means thinking of creative ways to continue working even though you’re not deemed essential. Although we all have different stories, I think we’re finding it is also very much the same story.


Here is my story—the working mom

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Communication has changed but connections don’t have to


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Understand the value of leadership training and non-stop learning

It is imperative that all people who make up our organization learn good leadership skills. Here at Trent Creative, you can see the effects of being a leader at all levels of engagement with employees, vendors and clients.

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