My Internship Experience at Trent Creative

I wanted my internship experience for my last semester of high school to finish with a bang and I was able to get this wonderful opportunity and was lucky enough to be placed in an amazing company called Trent Creative. On my first day, I was so nervous, that I got lost on my way to the interview. I didn't know what to expect when I walked in on my first day but I was welcomed with open arms and set to work. I had expected everyone to be intimidating. How wrong I had been as everyone was extremely welcoming, always smiling and friendly. It was a great way to start one’s day.

Not many people can say they learn new things every day at their internship placement, however, I was taught valuable lessons with each new task I was assigned. I started with some simpler tasks which helped me learn different things about the people and how the company works. One, of my various tasks was to file away old samples and projects. I know, sounds boring right? Well that is where you would be wrong. It allowed me to see all of the stunning completed print outs made for clients over the years with everything from brochures to hotel key card holders to posters and annual reprots. Later on, I was tasked with researching different companies, competitors or simply researching how to do something. This research work helped me gain an enormous amount of information about the business world.

Some of the other things I had never realized were, how much preparation goes into a client meeting or the background information needed to pitch to a potential client. Also, all the work that goes into creating a brand outline to help understand exactly who the client is and how they want to present their product or service for maximum results.

All this happens as the staff carry out all their tasks with a cool, calm and confident outlook to get things done efficiently. While there are few staff members, they work and help each other out and create a strong bond between them that allows them to work together to create stunning pieces for clients. They go above and beyond clients’ expectations to create one of a kind personalized branding, print, and web materials.

So, with all I have learned, my advice for any new intern is to be confident in themselves and be open to learning new things and to never shy away from an opportunity to embrace the challenges and face them head on. One last thing, never be afraid to ask questions as every single one of the individuals working here want you to succeed, even if they have just met you. So, do not stop yourself if there is anything you want to know more about.

Good luck to those with the opportunity to internship with Trent Creative. It has truly been a life changing experience with various learning curves. Please never disregard anything that these brilliant quirky individuals have to say as they are saying it to you for a reason that you just might not know yet.

I will truly miss this place, I feel like I have grown to grasp the business world more due to the knowledge that was extended to me by my mentors and friends here at Trent Creative.

Caitlin S.