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Let's face it, we are hired to help a business to ultimately sell better and to sell more. Working with the right marketing and creative team can help you increase leads that convert to sales.

Our clients' success is proof that the right message delivered to the right target audience and the method of delivery are needed to get results that go from "that worked well" to "that was amazing and helped us achieve our goals."

Not sure what you need? The Trent Creative team tailors our targeted brand and design process to meet you where you're at, and take your company where it needs to be. Check out our services below to see just how we do that! From branding to logos to demand generation, Trent Creative is the right solution for all of your marketing and sales needs.

Brand Development

Be Strategic

Your brand is what sets you apart from your competition and makes you rise above the sea of other companies. It's that special something that makes you stand out as extraordinary. We have the expertise to help you discover that brand, align it with a business strategy, and successfully communicate it to the world through website design and print and digital design.

Print and Digital Media

Be Bold

We are experts in developing a brand that helps you rise above the competition, and we to it with a multi-media approach.  Through memorable printed pieces and engaging digital media, we aim to create vivid experiences to help you create emotional connections with your clients and customers.

Website Design & Development

Be Fluid

Your website should reflect the level of professionalism you and your company have worked hard to attain, and choosing the flexibility and security of a custom website does just that. We know how to build sites that help you sell more without compromising on the look, feel, and functionality of this essential marketing tool for your business. 

Social Media Marketing and Public Relatons

Be Everywhere

An integrated multi-channel approach is the most effective way to reach your target audiences. Public relations and social media, if handled strategically, are efficient ways to engage your audience, increase sales and awareness, and help place you as a thought leader in your industry. We have created successful multi-channel campaigns for an incredibly diverse international client base, and we do it through social media plans, public relations, influencer marketing and website content marketing. Want to share your brand's story even better? Our award-winning, senior level social media specialists can't wait to help.


Be Dynamic

Life exists in motion, and adding dynamic videos to your website can be a compelling way to increase your ecommerce sales and search engine rankings. A professional, on-brand video can convey information in a way that regular print and static photos simply cannot. When it comes to engagement, online video is 5.33 times more effective than text alone, and we love maximizing that potential. Our experienced, scalable team knows how to execute a beautiful video, and do it strategically, for the most effective content.

Guerilla Marketing

Be Unexpected

The right surprise can move you, but how do you know how and when to create that experience for your audience? Trent Creative not only knows the answer, but has received two national awards for using guerilla marketing with Art X Detroit 2011 and 2013. It can be used effectively for events and for small to medium sized businesses to promote products or services in an unconventional way. Inject high energy and imagination into your marketing plan, and share a more personal and memorable message.

SEO & Google Ads

Be Targeted

We're glad you read this far down the page, because Google Ads and SEO are where your digital marketing campaign gets good. These are among your most valuable tools in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and can be used flexibly, depending on your company's needs. Trent Creative has the expertise in identifying what you need and how to execute it. Want to learn how to end up on top of the stack? Ask us today!

Demand & Lead Generation

Blended Demand Gen Programs
Outbound marketing, inbound marketing, and account-based marketing (ABM) are complementary lead-development methods that, in unison, drive greater growth. Each has the following roles to play in a holistic demand gen strategy.

Outbound Marketing
The role of outbound marketing is to capture demand that is currently in the market via tactics like paid digital advertising and email marketing.

Inbound Marketing
Inbound marketing plays several key roles in the overall demand gen strategy. First, it engages portions of your target audience that are in earlier stages of the buyer journey. Second, it creates a differentiation opportunity at every stage of the buyer journey based on high-quality content that helps prospective buyers self-educate and find solutions to their problems via your offerings.

Account-Based Marketing
Account-Based Marketing (ABM) focuses a portion of resources on the highest-fit and highest-value accounts which, if won, create disproportionately positive outcomes for the organization. ABM is executed by targeting advertisements, email marketing, on-site experiences, and other touches to specific buyers. In doing so, it maximizes the number of impressions and the level of personalization per target account.

Entrepreneur Start-Up Packages

Every start-up company needs a professional image based on brand strategy best practices and needs to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Trent Creative has worked with many entrepreneurs and has perfected a methodology that is both efficient, affordable and has jump-started many new businesses to success.

  • Brand development for start-ups
  • Logo
  • Website  (4 - 5 pages)
  • Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn Company Page Graphics
  • Brochure (hand-out)

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