Coastal and River Water Trails Awareness Campaign

Clinton River Watershed Council

Clinton River Watershed Council was in need of a new brand for a recent ‘blue economy’ initiative called Watertowns. This entailed a parent program logo for Watertowns with two logos to identify the Clinton River Water Trails and Lake St. Clair Coastal Water Trails. Additionally they required two videos to promote and showcase the water activities in Southeastern Michigan to create awareness and to encourage people to stay and play close to home. The secondary objective was to reinforce the importance of the available freshwater resources and to protect them for future generations.

Project deliverables were designed to be fun, bright, engaging, with an overall look and feel that was representative of the outdoors with the taglines—81.5 miles of river in your own backyard & close to home; far from ordinary.

“Awesome job by your entire staff and production crew. I believe this truly captures the essence of our waterfront community and sheds the light on what New Baltimore has to offer. It has definitely increased tourism and awareness.” Brian Kay, Parks and Recreation Director City of New Baltimore

The campaign was so successful that Marilyn Trent was asked to speak at the 2015 MPRA Michigan Conference. The presentation topic was Branding Parks & Recreation as an Economic Engine.