Detroit Advocacy Food Council Rebrand

Detroit Food Policy Council


GDA USA Corporate Identity Award

The Detroit Food Policy Council came into being in November 2009 following a City Council resolution in 2008 supporting its creation and another resolution earlier that year to adopt a City Food Policy. This landmark event was the product of policy organizing by the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network.

The mission of the Detroit Food Policy Council is to nurture the development and maintenance of a sustainable, localized food system and a food-secure City of Detroit in which all of its residents are hunger-free, healthy, and benefit economically from the food system that impacts their lives.

Detroit Food Policy Council was in need of a brand essence statement and a new identity for its parent organization and its annual food summit.

The solution was to design a look and feel that was friendly, clever and different.  It needed to be nurturing yet professional with optimistic and uplifting colors.

The new brand has been extremely well received with the public, internal committee and board members. The outcomes have increased awareness, participation and community engagement.