JAC Products Rebranded Website

JAC Products


JAC Products designs and manufacturers roof racks, step rails, side rails and cargo managements systems for the OEM's. They were in need of a new website to strengthen their web presence which entailed a complete rebranding and overhaul. They wanted to incease their client base and their current site was doing the company a disservice and like many websites, it was dated. The high quality and innovation that they provided was not represented or communicated. The scope of their global footprint that their corporation encompassed was hidden. They also wanted to feature their products and capabilities with less text and as few clicks as possible.


The solution was to create a fresh, contemporary and sporty look and feel. We showcased the vehicles in outdoor environments that were fun and inviting. We created a map that was on the home page and was graphically apealling to promote their global reach. The interior pages were designed to be graphically interesting and easy to read.


"Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We now have a professional presence on line and have a consistent way to communicate to our stakeholders and customers what we are about. It has been an excellent introduction and first step to our customers." Noel Ranka, VP Sales & Marketing, JAC Products