One Dream Down, Hundreds More To Go

Mercy Educational Project


GD USA American Graphic Design Awards 2013


There had never been a consistent and professionally designed brand image for MEP. The courage, optimism, hope and tenacity that these young girls and women show is so inspiring that we wanted this to show through the new visual brand.

Trent Creative designed a look and feel that was artistic, optimistic and contemporary to target both demographics of the
young women who are in school and older women who would be coming back to obtain their GED. The photography used is of real students and teachers from an on-site photoshoot to show the caring and confidence of the students and teachers. The campaign "One Dream Down, Hundreds More to Go" was developed from the concept that this is the first dream and it is one of many that they will accomplish. It was used succssfully throughout their multiple touchpoints.


The response to the new brand has been very positive and easily transferable to multiple touch points. Website traffic and click through rates have both increased, as well as awareness and donations.

“The enrollment of the women’s program has doubled and more women are finding us on the internet than with the previous site.”
– Maureen Mulcrone
Director of Development & Marketing , MEP