Rebranding a Custom Jewelery Store

Aurum Design Jewelry

Aurum Design Jewelry creates custom designed contemporary fine jewelry. They came to Trent Design because they needed a new brand image that would convey their sophisticated, cutting edge style and appeal to a discerning shopper in a higher income bracket.

We created a look that uses bold, mysterious images with rich, saturated colors. We developed a website that uses a model wearing the jewelry in beguiling poses to draw the viewer in and showcase the jewelry. The photos cover the full background of each page and rotate through several images throughout the site. The posters, that can be viewed from the street, also reflect the same aesthetic sensibilities to draw interest and bring customers into the store.

The response to the new brand and identity has been extremely positive. Website traffic and click through rates have both increased, as have sales. The brand is working consistently throughout all marketing materials and has successfully elevated and repositioned Aurum Design Jewelry into a higher end demographic.