The Challenge

The parent company of SharedBook; XanEdu has spent 17 years helping authors, trainers, consultants, college faculty and others create great content with the consumer-grade digital user experiences. They needed a graphic identity system created that would work across all platforms and customer touchpoints. It needed to be dynamic, fresh and connect the brand to its target audience.

The Solution

As the basic elements of the brand were already in place, Trent Creative collaborated with the SharedBook decision-makers to immerse themselves in the brand and its core essence. The new graphic identity system connects the brand, its positioning and unique selling proposition to its target audience.

The Results

To date, the work that Trent Creative has done to support the marketing plan has been a success for Phase I. The results are an increase in sign-ups for both the free and the paid plans. As we enter into Phase II, Trent Creative has been asked to stay on as the agency of record.

“The creativity, the strategy and the seamless way in which the Trent Creative team works with us is beyond what we expected. We also resolved our ongoing question of whether to have an in-house graphics department—we now have one.” 

Jeff Letson, Vice President of Marketing


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