SOS Website and Collateral Material

South Oakland Shelter


South Oakland Shelter was growing and their current marketing materials, that included their annual report, did not represent the growth or tell their story about the phenomenal success that they had accomplished by helping the homeless find homes. Through their follow-up care they had an outstanding 88% of their shelter guests secure housing and they have an 80% rate of keeping people in their homes a year later.


The Trent Creative process of fact-finding and discovery was conducted and the true essence of what South Oakland Shelter was doing became the new tagline. They weren't just trying to end homelessness—they are "Ending Homelessness Every Day" in Oakland County. It is empowering and it beckons anyone to become a part of their successful method of helping those in need become productive citizens again. We created an annual report, a website and a volunteer engagement brochure. We continue to do work with them as the value that we added has increased donations, website traffic and event attendees.



“Trent Creative took the time to really immerse themselves within our organization and mission, ensuring our designs reflected our culture and values while effectively communicating our impact to key stakeholders. Their work throughout 2016 on our agency’s annual report, website, and mailings contributed to a 24% increase in year-to-year contributions towards our end-of-year campaign, and a 20% increase in overall giving throughout the year. Ultimately, the impact of Trent Creative’s efforts will allow us to support a greater number of people in their journey out of homelessness to establishing a higher quality of life.”
Ryan Hertz, President & CEO