Strategic design process

The strategic design process is a win-win situation for our clients. We not only love what we do, we are good at what we do. But most importantly, we care—not the teddy bear and hearts type of caring but the deep strategic thinking, brilliant creative execution, and most of all, the success of our clients type of caring. This is achieved through a focus on flexibility and resourcefulness; always being curious, tenacious and completely down to earth.

Ask anyone at Trent Creative what we really care about and they will tell you: making sure that our clients are first – in their market, their category, or in whatever they are striving for.

At Trent Creative, our strategic design process is executed after the brand development is complete. This methodology is the perfect blend of deep-thinking and smart visuals. We believe in the power of meaningful messages executed to a high standard with beautiful design and strategic brand development. The outcomes are phenomenal and are created and executed to reach the intended marketing goals, which ultimately drives growth for each client that we serve.

Our Process

We begin our process with discovery to gather concepts of who you are, what you are trying to accomplish and what is the most effective means of delivering that message. We define strengths and weaknesses, key messages and your unique selling proposition to gain a better understanding of businesses' core competencies, outreach efforts and current positioning in relevant markets.  We create a written creative art brief to begin the conceptualizing and design phase. Once the design phase is complete, we develop the next phase of deliverables. Our 4-step process leads to a successful outcome.

trent creative process infographic

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