Modern Marketing for Small Businesses

Selling Smarter: How to generate demand for your product or service

With so many tools to choose from, which ones are the most effective?


Today, there is an unprecedented array of technologies, tools, and methods to help businesses grow. For instance, chat bots, which can engage visitors and capture leads 24/7 on your website used to be for large corporations only, because of the expense. Now, this conversational sales tool is affordable for small businesses. There many other interactive website experiences that can qualify visitors while they are being entertained and educated but the question is which ones will give you the most ROI (return on investment) with online lead generation.


We often hear two challenges from our clients:


1. Marketing and sales technologies are changing rapidly, which makes it difficult for their organizations to keep up

2. When they invest in these platforms, they often feel like they are “paying for a Ferrari and driving it like a Fiesta.” 


At Trent Creative, we are constantly looking for ways to improve and evolve within the industry to provide our clients with the latest and most efficient ways to grow your business. With this in mind, we developed Demand School, a collaboration between Trent Creative and Revenue Refinery, two Michigan-based marketing agencies with decades of experience in demand generation, brand strategy, and design.


The Truth
Licensing marketing and sales technology will not instantly increase your sales. Many organizations find that the range of skills needed to truly leverage these tools are:

• Content creation

• Programming

• Analytics

• Process design

• And more


This simply exceeds the talent they have on staff. What many companies want and need is a partner that can, in the words of one client “put their hands on the keyboard and make all of this technology create leads and sales.”


Today, we’re happy to announce that Trent Creative is that partner. By onboarding Jeff Letson to our team, our clients now have access to deep expertise that can help them adopt and implement powerful growth-enabling technologies and methods.


The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

With this addition to the team, we are able to provide inbound marketing and creative services for our clients that create meaningful and memorable customer connections while utilizing automated sales solutions. As our team adds new services and team members, we create results for our clients where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


To learn more about our new demand generation services, join our FREE eight-week course, Demand School, where you will gain insider knowledge on inbound marketing, branding and more. 


Jeff Letson


Jeff's two decades of experience in marketing, sales, analytics and operations places him at the center of the emerging field of revenue operations. Revenue operations is the alignment of technology, automation, data, and teams to create buying experiences that convert more leads to customers, and more new business to recurring business.


In addition to both front line and executive leadership roles in marketing, sales, and business intelligence, Jeff also holds an MBA from the Ross School of Business at The University of Michigan. He is passionate about bringing the growth-enabling technologies and methods used by enterprise organizations to small and mid-size businesses.