A B2B Rebrand

The Metiss Group

The Metiss Group is a business consulting firm that specializes in optimizing their clients’ HR management skills. Founded in Metro Detroit in 1996, they have provided their services to over 500 companies around the globe.

The company had recently decided to change their name from HR Advantage, Inc. to the more memorable Metiss Group and needed a new logo and website to accompany the name change. The target audience for the website was current and prospective customers across the globe.

Trent Creative implemented a brand development strategy first in order to establish the who, what and why of The Metiss Group. Through that process,  the brand essence was unearthed and creatved and that translated into a tagline that repositioned them as behavior expeterts in the workplace.  A new logo and website was designed with a professional look and feel that elevates their online business image and effectively communicates their services and their expertise.

“Trent Creative’s ability to visualize our vague logo concept by unusual descriptors I provided, and then build an identity around that, was incredible. The website is so strong, we actually have people going there after being referred to us by other clients or colleagues and contact us through the website, rather than through the email introduction. What more could anyone want? In the first year alone our sales in creased by 39%."
- Cyndi Gave, CEO and Founder
The Metiss Group

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