Inspriring Teachers to Connect with the DIA

Detroit Institute of Arts


Hermes Creative Awards Gold Winner 2014


The DIA’s Learning and Interpretation Department wanted to better inform the surrounding education providers, of Southeastern Michigan, the wide range of programs they offer targeted to teachers and students. Marketing these programs effectively would mean utilizing the DIA’s reputation while simultaniously establishing a distinct identity for the learning programs that were being offered. The full outreach campaign needed to work across print and digital media.

They wanted the marketing materials to visually 'jump off the table' when on a teachers desk amid the pile of paperwork. They also wanted posters created that a teacher would want to hang up in the classroom.


We worked with the client to define what the DIA brought to educators and we created the tagline concept "Welcome to Your World" with the tagline; "We Bring the World to the Classroom."

We designed the primary graphic as an artistically stylized hand holding the world in its open palm, clearly offering it to the viewer. The geometric style, multi-faceted shapes are present throughout the printed material and are a powerful and unifying graphic that works throughout all of the touchpoints an applications. It was designed to be a visual design system that worked across multiple platforms without getting stale but still have a cohesive and connected identity.


The design was well received and was also utilized throughout additional touchpoints. A style guide was created to be picked up by the in-house marketing team when brought in-house as a cost saving measure.

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